An autumn harvest of generosity


Dear Santas,

Do you also feel that time flies? Only yesterday it was summer, and Christmas is but a few weeks away. Thankfully for folks like us who have 365 generous days a year, we can sit back with cup of hot chocolate and enjoy good company during the pre-Christmas period. 


vetrniky_orezWhat’s new at

Our developers have been developing like mad in order to go almost incognito. They have worked on page response times and will soon be introducing a more mobile-friendly site. They have launched new gift notifications for community admins and have added group messages for community members.


What goes around…ruce_orez

We have had to update our Terms and Conditions. No crucial changes really; we only took the opportunity to highlight some of the principles that most suit You already live by them? Cool



Dare to listen to your heart

That’s what Raphael Fellmer revealed to us. He lived for 5 years without money and created the German platform aimed at saving surplus food.


Slovaks know how to giveslovak_orez

Hearth has learned a new language – Slovak. Why? Because it makes sense to us. And Adela Banášová seems to agree. Who else should be joining us but the people who gave the world DOBRO? (A famous guitar brand whose name means “GOOD”).


We welcome your ideas, praise and tips at

Generously happy days to one and all!


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