Together we create a world that is joyful to live in


At the top right corner of, you can now find a banner for financial support with the amount of 108 CZK. What led us to this step?

The pleasure of giving and receiving can be enjoyed through for the sixth year. The network has functioned mainly thanks to the generous support of its founder, Libor Malý. The time has come to ask for support from others as well.

With your contribution, you will not only help us to continue to operate and keep improving, allowing us all to practice spreading generosity and kindness, while cultivating unique and rewarding relationships. Additionally it lets us know that you find our services and activities meaningful which we really appreciate. Even the smallest acts of kindness are beneficial, they help and support the energy of this shared experience. Actions based on intrinsic human values are not valued by size. Each one has its unique added value and each one helps create a world in which it is a joy to live. A world in which belonging and sharing is a natural part of life.

Why 108 CZK? 108 is a sacred number that intertwines the entire history of mankind. It combines past, present and future, where number 1 is the unity and interconnection of everything. 0 symbolizes the emptiness – the space of infinite potential, and 8 stands for integrity, infinity and eternity. We have 108 chakras. The Sanskrit alphabet has 54 letters, each letter including the masculine and feminine principle again returns us back to number 108. Mathematicians of Vedic culture identify 108 as the number of the integrity of being. This number also connects the Sun, the Moon and the Earth: the average distance of the Sun and the Moon from the Earth is 108 times their average.

You can contribute with 108 CZK, or support the generous social network with any other amount. whichever is the right and magical one for you. This can either be on a one-time basis or repeatedly. Simply click on the banner in the right corner of the home page screen and follow the instructions.

Thank you for helping us to create a world, where it is a joy to live and share our unique gifts.